those pesky 5* reviews…

Guest expectation of their next holiday is high and there is a wealth of choice available in an increasingly competitive market.

The guest has often researched their holiday for weeks, considered their budget, consulted family or friends and ultimately decided to book (and pay their hard earned money for), your house over the 1000s of others on offer.


Then comes the all important guest review. Was the house as listed? Was it accurate in both the description and photos? Did if offer value for money?
Ultimately, did your house just meet guest expectation, or did it do more?

To get rave reviews, the house undoubtedly has to be immaculately, sparkingly clean (I take care of this), marketed honestly (and this) great communication (this too), amazing weather (sorry can’t do much about this) and the guest’s holiday should be memorable and hassle free.

Owners too can help get amazing reviews. Here are some ideas.

  • leave guests a welcome gift – wine or snacks
  • bathroom toiletries
  • decorate your house for Christmas + New Year
  • books, toys, games for young and old, indoor and outdoor
  • a well stocked pantry with cooking ingredients + paper goods
  • baby gear, such high chair and portacot
  • wifi + steaming service
  • beach and picnic gear
  • music – it’s all about bluetooth connectivity 
  • outdoor umbrella, a hammock, deck chairs

Wow your guests!

The standard for a 5* Airbnb review, is that the house has to do more than meet expectation.
It has to exceed.

4* is great and the house is perfectly fine. but it’s not 5*.

Wonderful, glowing and amazing reviews are the backbone of rental success and a small investment in the little things, show you care. Guests will take notice.

The payback is immediate and you will be richly rewarded with consistent, repeat and regular bookings.

Contact Good House Holiday Rentals for help with your holiday house rental.

tel 1300768050

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