Reviews, reviews, reviews…it’s all about reviews.

As a professional holiday rental host, waiting for the next lot of guest reviews can make me really anxious.  The anticipation, the curiosity and “what did the guests think of  their stay”? Maybe it’s just me?  Do other hosts get like this?

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I manage several holiday rental properties on behalf of owners.  Each owner has their own motivation for why they have decided to rent out their holiday house.  But in the end they have entrusted ME!  I am responsible for making sure their valuable property is well looked after, respected and enjoyed by guests.

No matter, whatever the many and varied reasons for why they/I have arrived at this point…I seriously just need to know that guests have had a great time, that the house is as expected and them I am doing a good job, maybe even a great job and ultimately that my client owners are happy….happy with me and everyone wins.

Reviews feed into the next lot of potential guests.  It must be rare that guests don’t read previous reviews.  Anything less than spectacular guest reviews can make the best photographed, located and appointed house…mmm…well not so appealing anymore. This is natural…this is why for the all important review.

But when that gorgeous review comes in…the relief is real..the satisfaction makes it all worth it.  Guests who just had a nice time.  Guests who show appreciation, are humble, so in the moment, so happy.

Simple, heartfelt, happy and positive reviews.  Oh how I love the!

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